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Derived from the Greek word meaning ‘not to age’, Agera is a comprehensive range of skin care products dedicated not just to anti-aging but treating the most common skin issues ranging from breakouts to sun damage.

Agera pride themselves on their formulas more than anything else. They use not only the tried and tested ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and antioxidants, but push themselves to find new and exciting extracts and next generation compounds to provide even better results.

In terms of anti-aging, their exclusive collection of Growth Factor Peptides help to control the skin’s internal ageing processes by kick-starting collagen and elastin production when things start to slow down. Not only that but this mix of ingredients also increases the skin’s dermal thickness, making it stronger and more resilient to creasing or wrinkling at the surface. To ensure these powerful ingredients actually reach their destination, Agera employ a unique liposomal technology which encapsulates these tiny particles and aids their journey to the lower layers, offering some impressive results with continued use.

When it comes to anti-blemish treatments, Agera use a revolutionary method which involves introducing more oxygen to the skin instead of relying solely on Salicylic Acid or exfoliating AHAs. This method helps to decongest problem pores and removes harmful blemish causing bacteria from the surface of the skin, dramatically improving the texture of the skin without the risk of future scarring.

Finally, hyperpigmentation is addressed through the use of natural actives and extracts instead of harsh bleaching ingredients or strong exfoliants. Agera has formulated a collection of products to not only control melanin production but to gradually remove unwanted dark spots from the surface using ingredients like Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Methyl Gentisate, all of which are significantly less irritating than Hydroquinone.

When your skin is in need of some major TLC, turn to Agera to get it back on the right track.